From [the] moment I walk into Dr. Capener and Dr. Matthews office to the time I leave I feel at ease and know that I’m in good hands. I trust these dentists to provide quality dental work and to make sure I am comfortable and happy. The assistants and hygienists are genuinely nice and the front desk secretaries treat me like family. I would gladly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for great, professional service!! P.S. Thanks for being awesome!
I really enjoy coming to this office! Not only is it a physically nice office, with an amazing underwater children’s area, and amazing fish tank, it’s the people and their sincere, friendly, and professional service. The doctors, hygienists, and assistants make me feel important when I come and usually find myself laughing in the chair sometimes trying not to choke on my own spit. (Thank goodness for that suction.) I can honestly say I actually enjoy going to the dentist because of the experience the help provide there.
I’ve never been a real fan of going to the dentist. I’ve had my share of traumas as a child, but I’ll tell you what, Dr. Capener and Matthews’ office and staff is amazing! Not only do they do great work, but they are genuinely kind and nice people. They remember who you are and make you feel important. Who knew going to get your teeth cleaned would be such a great pick-me-up for the day.
I have been a patient of this office for over 20 years. I would never go anywhere else and encourage anyone looking for a dentist to come here. The Dr.’s are awesome and so friendly yet professional. The hygienists care about their patients and you can tell they love their jobs. The assistants are always laughing and talking with you and making you feel more and more comfortable at your visit. The front desk staff is amazing and always welcoming. I love the play area for the kids and the fun things they have in there for our little ones. Overall everyone in the office is always very welcoming and everyone always has a smile on their faces. We attend and enjoy the yearly patient appreciation party that is held at the fish farm and the parade that the Dr.’s volunteer for! My kids really enjoy it and we look forward to it every summer! Keep up the good work and the awesomeness of your office.
Dr. Capener and Dr. Matthews’ office is the best!! I have been a patient for over 20 years and never had a cavity! Everyone is very welcoming and fun to talk to. Plus, if you’re good, you can pick an awesome prize out of the prize box! The team here is so great and I actually look forward to going to the dentist.
I love this office! Nobody really likes coming to the dentist, but they are the most fun, friendly, helpful, sincere staff you will ever meet. Everyone, starting with the front desk crew, to the hygienists, assistants, doctors and even Randy (I’m pretty sure that before too long, my teeth will all end up being “Randy originals”). I always worried about when my kids were old enough to and get check- ups, but everyone here is so calm and patient with them. They actually like coming to play with toys, look at the fish, and of course for the prizes, if they are good. They also do a yearly patient appreciation party and my family loves going to that and look forward to the balloon animals every year. There’s no other dental office for me.
I just want to let those know what a wonderful office this is! I have been to others and no one seems to care about you and your family like this office does. I first want to talk about the doctors and the gentleness they have and the thought they put into every procedure, and never to procedures that are not needed. They are good to think of the most reasonable way to solve the problem. I have always felt special with them and that my time matters. The girls that assist the doctors are so positive and welcoming and help set the mood. They have wonderful bedside manners and loving hearts that care. They are good to make sure you are comfortable. The hygienists are another special part of this office. They do the job the best and I come away with my teeth clean and ready for another 6 months.  They do a great job checking everything and making sure you are ok. Last but not least, the front desk ladies, they are sweet and uplifting when you talk to them.  They greet you with a smile and are good to always remind me of my appointments, because I am human and forget sometimes. This office is so friendly and the work done is top notch!!  I have never left questioning what was done. Love this office.
Anytime you come across a business that has virtually no staff turnover, you can rest assured that good things happen there! When employees enjoy their job that much, it means that anyone who walks in there will enjoy their time spent there, from the friendly greetings by the gals at the front desk, to the general check up is one that leaves you confident that your teeth are set for another 6 months, and that any possible issues will be addressed and corrected. When it’s the dentists turn, once again, you’ll be impressed with the genuine smile, compassion, and professionalism they exude. Finally, if further work, such as a crown, is needed, the in-house lab produces the BEST possible work you can receive. This is a complete package of perfection and I highly recommend them to anyone.
I love this office-It’s always a party!...unless Dr Capener tells me I have a cavity! Let’s be honest, it’s never a bad thing to have someone brush your teeth and floss for an hour while you watch cash cab on TV. They don’t even judge you when your gums start bleeding and you tell them you floss about once a month (and even that ‘s  a gross exaggeration). Everyone is welcoming and anxious to learn about my life happenings since they only get to see you every 6 months minus the patient appreciation party. I love my dentist.
Dr .Capener and Matthews’ Dental office provides quality service and a happy atmosphere. I know that when I go in there, I am not just another patient. They take the time to get to know me and ask how I’m doing. They treat me very well! Whenever I go in, I am instantly greeted by the friendly receptionists! The doctors and hygienists have always done their best to make me comfortable and do their best work. Thank you for all you do!
If you are reading this, then you are in the right place. Dr.’s Capener and Matthews’ dental office! I and my family have been patients here for over four years. We enjoy our visits to this office because it feels as if we are coming to a friendly environment. The staff is always cheerful, helpful, accommodating and efficient. Both Dr. Capener and Dr. Matthews’ have performed work on my family. We have found them to be thorough, honest and professional, yet personable. It is with complete confidence that I recommend this office to you, your family and friends!